Our next concert is on

Saturday, 7 Dec 2019, 7:30pm at St. James, New Malden

Earlier this year…


4th May 2019 Thames Philharmonia and London Korean Choral Society joined forces for a spectacular evening at the All Saints Church in Kingston

And next year …

2020 concert dates are 7th March, 13th June, 5th December

Repertoire, how is it chosen?  To date, our Librarian has taken suggestions from members, then assembled the necessary technical data (timing, instrumentation, keys, availability of parts, etc.) and filtered that long list into groups of ideas that make consistent and deliverable sets with options in each — a short list. The Repertoire group (Musical Director, Leader, Librarian and others interested) then meets to make the final selection within each set and for the schedule one year ahead, as a whole. The Repertoire group should be meeting in January 2019 to decide the 2020 programme.

If members have particular ideas in mind, please make those known.

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