About us

Thames Philharmonia is based in South West London and has become well established in the local cultural calendar. The orchestra, under their Musical Director, Byung-Yun Yu and leader John Haworth presents concerts and events that are both accessible and exciting. The wide repertoire includes works from classical western genres and music from Asia.


The orchestra usually performs at least three concerts a year and hosts a one-day workshop.  Thames Philharmonia collaborates with local choirs and schools in the presentation of choral works and has also been delighted to share the platform with professional artists from Korea playing on traditional instruments.  Concert programmes regularly include a concerto or other work featuring professional soloists and often provide performance opportunities for those starting out on their careers.

In 2016, the summer workshop exploring Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro was developed into a fully staged performance at the Normansfield Theatre, Teddington in autumn 2016 and repeated in February 2017 to sell out audiences (see Opera page),  followed by a two-day run of Don Giovanni in autumn 2017.


Rehearsals take place on five Sunday evenings 6-9 pm before a concert.  For 2018 concert
and rehearsal dates please visit the Rehearsals page.


The orchestra is a Registered Charity (charity No. 1125845).  It is managed by a committee elected by its members and aims to provide entertainment and on occasion raise funds for a named charity through the presentation of concerts. The orchestra provides opportunities for people from the local community and others to engage to a high standard in the practice and performance of music from a multicultural repertoire.
The orchestra aims to keep operational costs to a minimum and membership fees and ticket prices are set at an inclusive level.

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Thames Philharmonia is indebted to its sponsors and the many friends and supporters who give their time and skills towards helping the orchestra realise its ambitions.


  • If you wish to join the orchestra as a player or to offer other skills that would assist in the management and activities of the orchestra.
  • If you are involved with an organisation that would be interested in collaborating with or hiring the orchestra.
  • If you are interested in sponsoring the orchestra in any way or wish to receive information about forthcoming concerts.

For any form of participation, and for information about membership terms, your first point of contact is via email to  Thames Philharmonia


Committee meeting minutes, Repertoire meeting minutes, Concert reports: see Notices

Chair*:    chair@thamesphilharmonia.org.uk
Treasurer: Robert Beattie   treasurer@thamesphilharmonia.org.uk
Secretary*:    secretary@thamesphilharmonia.org.uk
Vice Chair and Data officer: Mike Adams   Mike.Adams@thamesphilharmonia.org.uk
Concert manager: Richard Allan   Richard.Allan@thamesphilharmonia.org.uk
Committee member: Carole Kaldor  Carole.Kaldor@thamesphilharmonia.org.uk
Committee member: Peter Kaldor  Peter.Kaldor@thamesphilharmonia.org.uk

*Officer positions Chair and Secretary are currently vacant. Both email addresses are being monitored


Musical Director: Byung-Yun Yu
Orchestra Leader: John Haworth