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logo  The Fountain Centre, based at the Royal Surrey County Hospital, offers information, and complementary therapies to cancer patients, their relatives and carers in Surrey and the surrounding areas.  The trust is not supported by funds from the NHS.

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Registered charity in England & Wales (210031) and Scotland (SC039947)


I CAN are experts in speech, language and communication needs (SLCN). This is the most common childhood condition people have never heard of: 1.4million children and young people in the UK have a language disorder they will not grow out of.  Meanwhile, as many as 50% of children in some areas of deprivation start school without the language they need for learning.  The implications are enormous, with SLCN negatively impacting on their socio-emotional development, educational attainment, their mental health, and life chances.  But it doesn’t have to be this way.  Timely assessment and targeted action by all involved, including the child, can ensure children progress with their communication skills.

Imagine being a child who cannot tell their parents when they are hungry, scared, in pain or simply want a hug or to play; or a young person grappling with the challenges of growing up and yet cannot express their fears and hopes. Both struggle to understand when others talk to them.

“81% of children with emotional and behavioural disorders have significant language deficits, often unidentified”.

Hollo A, Wehby J.H, Oliver R.M. (2014) Unidentified Language Deficits in Children with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders: A Meta-Analysis. Exceptional Children 80(2): 169-186

I CAN solely helps children and young people with SLCN aged 0 to 19 find their voice. We do so via our advice line for parents and practitioners; evidence-based programmes for educational settings; by running two specialist schools, and by raising awareness of the issue, so it is better understood and addressed.


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